Homestead National Monument

It was a beautiful fall day. I found myself driving through Beatrice, Nebraska. As a Nebraska native, I learned early about the significance of the Homestead Act and the rich history of how the land in our state was settled.

However, I had never had the chance to visit the National Park site that pays homage to those early pioneers. Today was the day! There was a little extra time in the schedule, so I wandered the few miles off the main road to check it out.

There are actually two different locations listed as I searched for directions. I started at the older facility, the original site. It is an education center with some great antique farm equipment displays and some beautiful walking trails to several historic markers. One of those markers payed tribute to the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) for their support of the site.

The newer facility sat up on the hill overlooking the old center and the river bottom. The view from down below was stunning with the Cottonwood trees beginning to show their fall colors. It’s shaped like the plow that the “sod busters” used to break the virgin prairie.

On a side note, my uncle still owns the plow that my ancestors used to break the virgin sod on their Nebraska farm!

The heritage center is filled with exhibits detailing the quest for land that took place in a number of states through the Homestead Act. They have several knowledgeable staff members on hand to answer questions and provide research help for those interested in learning more.

You can learn more about the Homestead National Historic Park by visiting It’s a beautiful, peaceful and historic place definitely worth the visit!

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