Ellis to Nicodemus 2022

A couple weeks ago, there was a special gathering at the depot in Ellis, KS commemorating the arrival of a train full of hopeful African Americans here in 1877. They were coming to Kansas from Kentucky in the hope of owning land at Nicodemus, KS.

They got off the train in Ellis and walked the final 35 miles to the “promised land”. I can’t even begin to imagine what that journey was like. Yesterday, I drove the 44 miles via paved roads in a motor vehicle to Nicodemus. It was a beautiful and easy trip. I’m sure it wasn’t the same for those early settlers.

The Kansas Daughters of the American Revolution (KSDAR) met in Nicodemus this weekend to help clean, paint and shine things up in ready for several coming celebrations. Next September, Nicodemus will celebrate 144 years with an actual trek on foot from Ellis to Nicodemus to experience what ancestors did as they made the journey.

If you would like to keep up on upcoming happenings in Nicodemus, like the Nicodemus National Historic Site’s Facebook page.

KSDAR was pleased to be involved in supporting the efforts of the Nicodemus community and the National Park Service as they plan for several benchmark celebrations in the weeks and months ahead.

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