Homestead National Monument

It was a beautiful fall day. I found myself driving through Beatrice, Nebraska. As a Nebraska native, I learned early about the significance of the Homestead Act and the rich history of how the land in our state was settled. However, I had never had the chance to visit the National Park site that pays…

Ellis to Nicodemus 2022

A couple weeks ago, there was a special gathering at the depot in Ellis, KS commemorating the arrival of a train full of hopeful African Americans here in 1877. They were coming to Kansas from Kentucky in the hope of owning land at Nicodemus, KS. They got off the train in Ellis and walked the…

The Power of Crowdsourcing!

A couple of months back, I’d met a distant cousin. She had shared several interesting photos from our shared Merritt family back in eastern Ohio. One of the photos intrigued me. It was a large group gathering. I could pick out several familiar faces in the crowd. There was a stamp on the back with…

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