A D.A.R. Patriot

100 years after my great grandmother and her sisters joined the Daughters of the American Revolution, several cousins and I went through the process of proving our lineage back to George Brown, Senior. 

Today at our local DAR meeting, we got to introduce our Patriot ancestor to the members.  Here’s a little bit that I know about my 5th great grandfather.

George Brown Senior was born 8 Jan 1720 in Bucks County, PA

He was married twice.  

1)  Martha Worrell – 1 child

Following the death of his first wife, George married Elizabeth Stevenson Field in 1752.  The marriage was found in the records of the Middletown Monthly Meeting.  As a Quaker, he did not serve in the military, rather gave financial support to the cause.  Records show that he paid a “Supply Tax” in 1783.  I have also found a receipt showing that he had supplied the military with feed for their horses.  There were many ways that a person could support the war effort.

There are 13 descendants of this couple who have joined the DAR over the years.  They come from 3 branches of this family.

Robert Cabeen Boyd

Anne Boyd Weber – 1921 – 4 of Anne’s descendants have also joined

Ethel Boyd Palme – 1921 – 1 of Ethel’s descendants have joined

Edith Boyd Johannes – 1921

George Yardley Boyd

Grace Boyd Garrett

Ruth Boyd Bixler

Doris House Hartman

Gladys McCartney Huglin

Susan Yardley Boyd Atwater

     Susan L. Atwater

At the time I filled out the paperwork, I had a panic moment.  My great grandmother’s application had the “Senior” crossed out and the “Junior” written in on the application.  “Junior” had served, but I’m not a direct line descendant of his!  So had my great grandmother and her sisters been wrongly admitted into this lineage society??  I was relieved to learn about the definition of supporting the effort in which “Senior” had certainly done!

The Daughters of the American Revolution is a great organization that I’m enjoying learning all about.  They promote patriotism, support our troops and the Constitution of this great nation!  I’m proud to follow in my ancestor’s footsteps in supporting the same.

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